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Private Yoga Sessions are available to meet the needs of the individual. The advantage of a private session is that it can help students overcome fears, injuries, and physical restrictions. Whether you would like to learn more advanced poses, refine your regular practice, learn more about breathing techniques (pranayama) or meditation, a practice can be designed with exactly that which you are seeking!!!

Integrate your yoga study into a personalised home practice, ideal way to assess your current needs and goals and help you to focus your home practice towards a productive outcome.

Recovery from injury, illness or stress reduction
Private sessions tailored to meet the specific needs can be used one off or on an on-going basis to suit your needs and desires.

Progress toward your goals
Some students supplement their group classes with weekly, monthly private sessions to accelerate their progress or explore concerns that need more attention than a group setting permits.

Tailor a practice to your schedule
Some students attend private class due to variable work schedules that do not allow regular attendance in a weekly group class.

Yoga Wall class
Utilising ‘The Great Yoga Wall’ with the use of straps, pelvic swing, and inverted postures all can be done safely and the student can achieve greater awareness of alignment & open areas of the body that may be difficult to reach.


Single session 1 hour $70.00/person , $100.00/2people
Pre-purchased packages 3 sessions $180.00/person , $270.00/2people
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