A guide to the different levels of Yoga.

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Beginners is for those that may have previous knowledge and Yoga Fundamentals or New students starting Yoga by learning basic standing and seated Asanas. By paying close attention to anatomical features in this course and moving deeper into the subtleties of correct alignment, beginners consolidate the basics of yoga and move on with focus and a thorough understanding of precision action. By the end of Beginners, you will have established a proper supported shoulder stand.


Level Two takes the yoga beginner student further. This class bridges the gap between the Beginners to Intermediate class. This is for student with more than a years experience and has a good knowledge of standing poses and the basic set up for shoulder stand.


The Intermediate level is for those who have learnt the correct actions in the postures, and are building on alignment and technique. The students have to attend classes regularly and are comfortable at longer holdings in poses and maintain a supported shoulder-stand. In this level methodical introduction to headstand and other more complex poses are introduced.


OPEN/GENERAL Open to all. This class is perfect for all levels.... Students continue to consolidate the basics and instructions are is given on the fundamentals of body alignment through yoga postures.  Students develop their ability to practice yoga safely and to understand its beneficial effects.


It is never too late to start or get back into yoga! This class is for those maturing in years and designed for ages over 50yrs, it is an easier gentler paced class. As we enter our midlife and later years practising yoga is a way to regain our energy, remain active and improve our quality of life.

With a balanced practice, weak areas become stronger and tight areas become more flexible. You begin to feel more ease in your body and calmness in mind. BKS Iyengar himself was such an inspiration. At 92 years of age, he continued to practise yoga for several hours each day.


A restorative yoga sequence typically includes only five or six asanas, backed by props that enable you to relax and rest completely for 5 minutes or more. Enjoy complete relaxation and satisfaction through breathing exercises, pranayama, asanas and soft restorative postures of yoga. Nourish the body and allow the mind to relax and let go of our busy daily existence.


An exciting complement to regular yoga classes, Great Yoga Wall classes allow you to experience the power of gravity and traction in a unique way to create space and nurture your back and spine. Deepen your poses and explore new ways of doing familiar asanas.

  • Can help enhance general flexibility and mobility in joints and the spine and provide many therapeutic advantages to assist people recover from different conditions.
  • Builds strength in both the large and small muscle groups.
  • Aids in the ability to access different muscle groups in poses that students are still unable to attain on the mat.
  • Can help students work through fear and build confidence, so that they are able to take what they’ve learned on the Wall to their mats.
  • Allows deeper standing postures, forward and back bends, twists and inversions.

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Extend your yoga with a led practice
What is led practice? A teacher or student will call and demonstrate a sequence of Asanas (or poses) and proceed to do them. Everyone follows along, ... it is a unique and wonderful way to practice in community. Similar to a class, but delightfully different, it is led rather than taught.


Exploring the idea of space in asana, staying longer in poses with stability and serenity.

This class is PERFECT for all level.


You will learn basic standing and seated poses, twists, simple backends and stat on a preparation to shoulder stand.


GENTLE This class is for students new to yoga, or older students who are looking for an easier, gentler paced class. With a balanced practice, weak areas become stronger and tight areas become more flexible. You begin to feel more ease in your body and calmness in mind. 


Morning meditation is a beautiful way to receive the day,  and to  support our well-being. This practical exploration uses various techniques from observing the breath, to guided meditation, visualisation and simple use of mantra… Each class finishes in traditional Savasana (resting Pose).