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How to add new order

  1. Go to: WooCommerce > Order
  2. Click “Add Order”
  3. Enter customer name if the student is an old student.
  4. If they are not old students, click “pen” button to fill in the details of the student.
  5. The details will fill automatically if the student exists, then select the PAYMENT METHOD.
  6. Click “Add item(s)” to add new class.
  7. Click “Add product”
  8. Click “Search for a product”
  9. Type in the class details to search for a right class:
    “Teacher’s name” + ” “(space) + “class” + ” “(space) + “date”
  10. Select the class, then click “Add”. If the student wants to book for 2 or more classes, repeat step 9.
  11. Click “Recalculate” to class the order total.
  12. Go up to the top and choose “Email invoice / order details to customer”.
    This is VERY IMPORTANT as the system will send the invoice to the student email automatically once the order has been done.
  13. Once the order action has been selected, click “Create” to make a new booking.
  14. Once the booking has been done, the page will reload and “Create button” of order action will change to “Update”. You can also check the booking by clicking “Orders” on the left menu.